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Seeing and doing in Rome

Things to do in Rome

Festa de’ Noantri, are you looking for a b&b near Trastevere?


If you are in Rome in the next few days, take a trip to Trastevere from July 15 begins a holiday deepest by the Romans: the Festa de’Noantri.
Festa de Noantri is one of the most famous and popular festivals in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome.

It’s a religious procession where the statute of Madonna Fiumarola passes through the streets and creates a festive atmosphere all over.
There is a myth associated with this celebration that maintains that post a storm in an unspecified year, a statue of the Virgin carved in cedar wood was caught in the nets of local fishermen from Rome. The statue was donated to the church of Sant’Agata where it became an object of veneration. As a sign of respect and tribute to the Virgin, the locals of the Trastevere district undertake this festival in a very religious note.

The statue of the Madonna is taken from Sant’Agata, carried by about ten men and led by the local bishop dressed in his finery. It is paraded through the packed and narrow streets to the church of San Crisogno, where it remains on display for eight days. Food and wine flow from street vendors throughout the area, making Festa de Noantri a great opportunity to see Roman traditions outside the tourist mainstream. Street theatre, dances and music are the constant companions of the proceedings.

All information on the festival, the events calendar and the program of the celebrations can be found on the festival website Festa de ‘Noantri.

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